Tint World

Owners: Alex and Myriam Guerrero

The Tint World Power Couple: Alex and Myriam’s Winning Formula

Alex absorbs customers with his knowledge and attention to detail; while Myriam transmits an above and beyond approach in operations and service. As the owners of Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, Alex and Myriam have the emissivity to open a business and hit the ground running even before they “officially” opened for business.

Alex Guerrero is a U.S. Army Veteran that knows pretty much everything when it comes to recruiting. From sourcing strategies for corporate companies to assisting active and post military personnel with professional development, Alex remembers the small, positive details that have built strong companies and soldiers.

He’s carried over these skillsets into business ownership, where he simplifies and educates customers on the tinting process. Add to that, Myriam’s comprehensive experience in management and customer service, that mirrors Tint World’s operation and facilities: inviting, convenient, and conversational. Together they have placed El Paso’s first Tint World store in the Top 20 list of performing franchises.