St. Augustine Artisan Pizza & Craft Beer

Owners: David & Alex Montoya

In 2014, brothers David and Alex Montoya started a “pizza pub” in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Their pub quickly gained a reputation for making great pizzas and serving craft beers. Amidst the high crime in the city, David and Alex chose to close their thriving business, move to El Paso and open up another pizza pub. They found the perfect corner location in East El Paso. It was just the right size to fit their custom made brick oven and place enough tables to walk around and get to know each of their customers.

David and Alex designed the interior of the restaurant with just as much detail as they put into their handcrafted pizzas. Their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and interesting toppings like eggs and grasshoppers. The selection of craft beer was chosen to complement each savory pizza. St. Augustine Artisan Pizza and Craft Beer is a cozy neighborhood pizza place that brings family and friends together with the essential food staples, pizza and beer.