Eastside Choice Meats

Owner: Mario Lerma

From Curveballs to Cutlets: The Inspiring Journey of Mario Lerma and Eastside Choice Meats

Mario Lerma was a standout high school baseball player. He would practice every day throwing curveballs, change ups and sliders. Many universities were scouting the 96mph pitcher.

In between practices and games, Mario worked at Eastside Choice Meats. He carried out groceries, mopped floors and became a skillfully crafted butcher. He learned all aspects of the business including recipes, pricing, and equipment repair. Eastside Choice Meats owner, Hector White immediately noticed Mario’s work ethic and moved him up the lineup to manager.

Mario suffered an injury and benched his baseball career. Eastside Choice Meats became his career and when Mr. White decided to sell the business Mario was on deck to take over.

They contacted the SBDC and worked on a business plan and financial projections. Mario closed the deal and purchased Eastside Choice Meats. Eastside Choice Meats’ loyal customers have been with Mario since he first started carrying out their groceries. The exceptional customer service offered at the front counter brings in new customers every day.

They have allowed Eastside Choice Meats to expand its selection of choice meats and specialty foods including homemade chorizo and fajitas. Mario attributes the strength of the business to their loyal customers, dedicated employees, and exceptional customer service.