Deadbeach Brewery

Owners: Gabe Montoya, Jason Hunt, and Justin Ordonez

“Art Anchondo’s guidance was huge in starting the business. It was inspiring and motivating to have his assistance. His experience is definitely amazing.”

Gabe Montoya’s passion for craft beer began in Pennsylvania. Where he would attend summer rock climbing camps in Strasburg, PA and mastered the skill with strength, control and finesse. After rigorous climbs he and his buddies would trek to the local breweries to unwind. Savoring various craft beers enhanced his taste buds and interest. In 1995, he was the master brewer at El Paso’s only local brewery. He found the traits needed to master rock climbing were also needed when brewing craft beer: the strength to lift bundles of fresh grains, control to patiently ferment the beverage and finesse the taste of quality brews.

When the brewery closed Gabe decided to open his own microbrewery. He worked with SBDC business advisor Art Anchondo, together they worked on a feasibility analysis, start-up procedures and financials. Gabe is ready to share his talents and brews at his place, Deadbeach Brewery. Deadbeach brews savory combinations with cascades of flavors that will liven up your palate.