Government Agencies & Regulatory Bodies

U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
America’s Small Business Resource for starting, managing, marketing, and financing a business. Counseling and training services, minority and women entreprise development programs, franchising, government contract opportunities, international trade, and on-line library services. Various areas of information are both in English and Spanish.

El Paso County Assumed-Name Filing
Link to the El Paso County Clerk Office. Each business in the County must file its Assumed Name Certificate (also known as “d.b.a.” or “doing business as”) with the clerk so that a record is available as to the owner’s businesses. Also, has a Search Site for Assumed-Name registrations; filing fees; and other government agencies business related registrations.

El Paso Municipal Code
Link to the “Code of The City of El Paso.” The code embodies all penal ordinances (meaning ordinances the violation of which is punishable by a fine), but only such civil ordinances as are of general interest including Business taxes, licenses, and regulations; health and safety; vehicles and traffic; building construction; housing; zoning; and other.

El Paso Central Appraisal District
Features information on the “Taxpayer Rights, Remedies, and Responsibilities” and the entire Property Tax Code. Includes the appraisal roll, taxpayers information, forms and filing deadline, tax schedule, related links.

Texas Workforce Commission
Link to the TWC website for unemployment, labor law, and appeals information; laws and requirements for employers; tax information and transactions; tax credits; employee training programs and funding; and other information.

Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC)
Link to TNRCC, one of the most comprehensive state environmental agencies in the nation. The TNRCC’s Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section provides free confidential technical assistance on air, water, waste, and pollution prevention, and environmental compliance issues.

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Link to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Informaton on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code; Enforcement Efforts; Legal Information (License Permits); Code Referencing Minors; and other related regulations and information.

Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts
Link to Texas Comptroller’s website. Information on Sales & Use Tax; Franchise Tax; Fuel Tax and FITA and Interstate Truckers; Hotel Occupancy Tax; Motor Vehicle Tax; Cigarette, Cigar,and Tabacco Products Forms; Coin Operated Machines Forms; electronic reporting; and other related downloadable forms.

Texas Lottery Commission
Link to the Texas Lottery Commission for lottery information, license and retailer forms; legal notice; claim centers; FAQs; News Alert; and related information.

Texas Department of Insurance – Workers’ Compensation Division
Information on Workmen’s Compensation Insurance; employers’ rights and responsibilities; injured workers rights and responsibilities; dispute resolution; benefits; rates; employer coverage notices; and seminar training schedules.

Texas Department of Health Services
Link ot the Texas Department of Health Services. Licensing and cerfitication of facilities, businesses, and occupations. Information on laws and regulations; programs and services; publications; and doing business with TDH.

Texas Railroad Commission
The Railroad Commission has four regulatory divisions that oversee the Texas oil and gas industry, gas utilities, pipeline and rail safety, safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry, and the surface mining of coal and uranium. Regulations and filing; forms and publications.

U. S. Department of Labor – Employment Standards Administration (ESA)
Link to the U. S. Department of Labor’s Minimum Wage site. Provides information on wage and hour requiremtns including tip credit, overtime pay, and child labor, and enforcement. The Federal Minimum Wage is established by legislation enacted by the U. S. Congress.

Texas Attorney General
Link to the Texas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection and Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act site; and the Texas Internet Bureau site regarding Internet crime, consumer fraud and breach of security.

Texas Department of Agriculture
Link to TDA’s Licensing and Regulations site including Regulatory Programs; Pesticide Programs,licensing, registration, and compliance; Laws and Statutes; Finance, Agribusiness & Rural Economic Development; Agricultural and Rural Finance Programs; Texas Capital Fund; Marketing; Fresh Produce Guide: A handy way to find the freshest produce grown in Texas; International Marketing; Texas Wine Marketing; Producer Grazing; Disease Alerts, Information about current pest quarantines.

El Paso City-County Health and Environmental District
Link to the City/County Health and Environmental District site. Aminister and regulates health and environmental issues; prevent and control the introduction of communicable diseases; abate any nuisances that is or may become injurious to the public’s health; promotes personal health and maintenance services; oversees environmental and consumer health programs; offers public health education and information services; including laboratory diagnostic services.

U. S. Department of Treasury – Internal Revenue Service
Link to the Internal Revenue Service site. Information on income tax responsibilities for Individuals, Businesses, Charities & Non-Profits, Government Entities Tax Professionals, and Retirement Plans. Provides search and downloadable publications and forms.

U. S. Department of Commerce
Provides information on the services of the U. S. Department of Commerce and links to the services of the following USDOC departments: Bureau of Export Administration; Economic & Statistical Administration; Economic Development Administration; International Trade Administration; Minority Business Development Agency; National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration; National Telecommunictions and Information Administration; Office of the Inspector General; Patent and Tradmark Office; Technology Administration. Features current legislative related actions and a DOC Office locator.

U.S. Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Link to Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) site. Provides information and mission and services of the agency. The mission is to save lives, prevent injuries and protect the health of America’s workers. OSHA administers the enforcement of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and provides surveys, compliance assistance programs, and consultant services. Workplace inspections are one of OSHA’s principal activities.

Texas Secretary of State – Corporation Filing
The Corporations Section site explains the filings and documents that create or affect business and professional organizations, and non-profit corporations under Texas State statutes. Includes filing guide, forms and summaries, fee schedules, and tax information.

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Link to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s site. Provides information on environmental laws and regulations, information sources, educational resources, and business opportunities.

U. S. Department of Health & Human Services – Food & Drug Administration
Link to the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Food and Drug Administration site. Provides search and information on the agency’s mission, products FDA regulates, laws and enforcement, publications, safety alerts, other news and product approvals. FDA promotes and protect the public health by helping safe and effective products reach the market in a timely way, and monitoring products for continued safety after they are in use. Our work is a blending of law and science aimed at protecting consumers.

U. S. Department of Labor
Link to the U. S. Department of Labor site. Provides information about labor compliance assistance, statistical information and publications, procurement and doing business with DOL, and interactive tools. Topics include wages, federal minimum wage, consumer price index, workmen’s compensation, health plans and benefits. Provides a library of most commonly used forms and links to other organizations.

Texas Department of Human Services
Link to The Texas Department of Human Services site. Provides information on the agency’s programs and sevices. DHS administers state and federal human services programs that are designed to benefit three major client groups: low-income families and children, victims of domestic violence, and people who are elderly or have disabilities. Mission of the agency is to provide financial, health, and human services that promote the greatest possible independence and personal responsibility for all clients.

Texas Building and Procurement Commission (Formerly the General Services Commission)
Provides building and procurment information including bid tabulations and awards; marketing opportunites; vendors information; business resources; qualified information system vendor(QISV)Program; HUB certificaton and information; the Electronic State’s Business Daily (ESBD); Texas Marketplace (Buy & Sell); How to get on the State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL); and related business resources.

Texas Attorney General
Links to the website of the Texas Attorney General. Information about the mission and services of the Office. It includes the consumer protection hotline; questions and filing compliants; the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act; Texas Internet Bureau; Texas Mexico Border, news and publications; links to other consumer related sites; and agency contacts.

The Small Business Development Center website provides hypertext links to helpful information on websites developed and maintained by other organizations. The suitability and content of information accessible from the El Paso SBDC website via hypertext links is solely the responsibility of the organizations that maintain their own information.

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