Business Permits & License

Texas Sales & Use Tax — Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts
Link to Texas Comptroller’s website. Information on Sales & Use Tax; Franchise Tax; Fuel Tax and FITA and Interstate Truckers; Hotel Occupancy Tax; Motor Vehicle Tax; Cigarette, Cigar,and Tabacco Products Forms; Coin Operated Machines Forms; electronic reporting; and other related downloadable forms.

Liquor License – Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Link to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Informaton on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code; Enforcement Efforts; Legal Information (License Permits); Code Referencing Minors; and other related regulations and information.

Health and Food Service Permits – El Paso City-County Health and Environmental District
Link to the City/County Health and Environmental District site. Aminister and regulates health and environmental issues; prevent and control the introduction of communicable diseases; abate any nuisances that is or may become injurious to the public’s health; promotes personal health and maintenance services; oversees environmental and consumer health programs; offers public health education and information services; including laboratory diagnostic services.

Environmental – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (formerly the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC)
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the environmental agency for the state. Link to TCEQ, one of the most comprehensive state environmental agencies in the nation. The TCEQ’s Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section provides free confidential technical assistance on air, water, waste, and pollution prevention, and environmental compliance issues

Occupations – Texas Department of Health Services
Link ot the Texas Department of Health Services. Licensing and cerfitication of facilities, businesses, and occupations. Information on laws and regulations; programs and services; publications; and doing business with TDH.

E.I.N. Number – Internal Revenue Service
Link to the Internal Revenue Service site. Information on income tax responsibilities for Individuals, Businesses, Charities & Non-Profits, Government Entities Tax Professionals, and Retirement Plans. Provides search and downloadable publications and forms.

Texas Unemployment Tax – Texas Workforce Commission
Link to the TWC website for unemployment, labor law, and appeals information; laws and requirements for employers; tax information and transactions; tax credits; employee training programs and funding; and other information.

Corporation Filing – Texas Secretary of State
The Corporations Section site explains the filings and documents that create or affect business and professional organizations, and non-profit corporations under Texas State statutes. Includes filing guide, forms and summaries, fee schedules, and tax information.

Retail License – Texas Lottery Commission
Link to the Texas Lottery Commission for lottery information, license and retailer forms; legal notice; claim centers; FAQs; News Alert; and related information.

Business Personal Property Tax – El Paso Central Appraisal District
Features information on the “Taxpayer Rights, Remedies, and Responsibilities” and the entire Property Tax Code. Includes the appraisal roll, taxpayers information, forms and filing deadline, tax schedule, related links.

I-9 & Employer Information – U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
The Immigration and Naturalization Service is a Federal agency within the US Department of Justice (DOJ) that administers the nation’s immigration laws. The I9 and information for employers is provided.

State of Texas Licenses, Permits and Registrations
A compilation of resources to help identify, complete, and submit the necessary licenses, permits, and registrations used in and throughout Texas.

(Alpha Listing) Texas Business Licenses and Permits
State of Texas’ Alphabetical Listing Of Business Licenses and permits and table of contents.

Zoning – City of El Paso, TX
The zoning regulations and districts as established in this title have been made in accordance with a comprehensive plan for the purpose of promoting health, safety, morals and the general welfare of the city of El Paso. They have been designed to lessen the congestion in the streets; to secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers; to provide adequate light and air; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to avoid undue concentration of population; to facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements. They have been made with reasonable consideration, among other things, for the character of the district and its peculiar suitability for particular uses, and with a view to conserving the value of buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of the land throughout the city. (Prior code § 25-3)

Business Taxes, Licences and Regulations (Title 5) – CITY OF EL PASO
Title 5 of the City of El Paso Municipal Code regulates and provides for permits and licenses for the following businesses:

  • Occupations
  • Alcholic beverages
  • Amusement devices
  • Appliance dealers & installers
  • Circuses, shows, carnivals, and other similar exhibitions
  • Charitable solicitations
  • Distribution of literature, and solicitation of donations
  • Dance halls and dances
  • Public swimming pools
  • Gasoline filling stations
  • Junk dealers
  • Kindergartens
  • Laundries
  • Messenger services
  • Mobile home sales disclosures
  • Motor carrier transportation agents
  • Motor vehicle dealers & salesmen
  • Nurseries and other businesses selling plants or fertilizers
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Dealers in secondhand goods, coins, and precious metals
  • Private detectives
  • Security alarms systems
  • Shoeshining
  • Tattooing and body piercing
  • Vendors and solicitors
  • Servicing cesspools, grease traps, and septic tanks
  • Bingo

Building and Construction (Title 18) – City of El Paso
The Building and Construction section of the municipal code, Title 18, regulates and provides for the enforcement of the following building and construction related activities in the City of El Paso:

  • Building and construction administrative code
  • Building
  • Residential
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Private sewage facilities
  • Gas
  • Existing building
  • Solar heating, cooling and hot water systems
  • Standard amusement devices
  • Grading
  • Projection booths
  • Unsafe structures and conditions
  • Flood damage prevention

Nursery/Floral License – Texas Department of Agriculture
A Nursery and Floral license is required by each business and at each location where nursery products and/or floral items are sold, offered for sale or leased, distributed, grown for the purpose of sale or lease, or offered as an enticement to promote the sales or lease of other items.

An application for a new certification must be submitted on a form prescribed by the Department. Failure to complete the application form in its entirety may result in denial of the registration. The expiration date of registration certificates will be October 31 of each year. An event permit may be obtained by contacting a regional office designated by the Department at least one day prior to the event.

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